Poems on nature, love and emotion 🖌

The smell of wilderness

@Pai, Thailand - March, 2018
The smell of woodsmoke,
a touch of spring in the air,
the sound of wild drumbeat,
a sense of clean simplicity and serenity -
all of these are like intimate whispers
to a stranger, from wilderness
who has every power
to hold the wold within stillness.

The taste of sunset

@Koh Tao, Thailand - April, 2018
My dearest.

I want you to kiss the sun goodbye
with your very heart
of fire and water;
with your closed eyes
of a deep dark ocean.
Gaze out into the vastness.
Feel the temperature of the wind
touching your body.
Watch the color of nature
dancing on the horizon.
And witness
the timeless present.

The not yet darkened world stretches to the eternity,
a place where anything can be believed in
and loved and remembered:
where everything is pure and raw and vivid.

And I want you to carry this fleeting glimpse
of eternity wherever you go.


Sahara Dessert, Morocco - November, 2016
He ignites the most original part of yourself,
following the light of cosmetic order,
marching into the wildest imagination,
and highest spiritual nation.

Have you heard of wind blows like a poet,
and touches your soul like a lover?

Have you seen sand dances with your whisper,
and flows into infinite like a river?

Look inside,
twinkle stars are penetrating your blood and bone,
and brining your purity closer.

Oh Nature.

On the beach at night alone

Bali, Indonesia - ​​​​​​February, 2018
I watched
a movie today.
It’s called
on the beach
at night alone

She gently touches
and kisses a flower,
soothing my wrenching
pain of loss and longing.
I broke down in tears.

She curled up on the sand,
staring out to sea —
you appear on the horizon,
standing in the mist
With a straight face.
No expression, no expression.

“Watching the bright stars
shining, thinking of
the universe and the future”.
It is these melancholy
and unspectacular moments
that penetrate me.

Just like how loneliness
makes me tremble, but
brings ineffable pleasure,
as I’m finding my solace
in nature.

A ceremony

New York City, USA - ​​​​​​January, 2018
I need a ceremony
to properly say goodbye to

those countless hours when
I endured myself in solitude,
noticing the imperceptible
yet utterly transformative shifts in the heart.

The sadness rose up before me
was larger than any I have ever seen,
but I was not frightened –
there is ineffable beauty when
the new has entered into me,
through the hole you’ve taken away.


New York City, USA - ​​​​​​September, 2017
I walked along the river again,
smelling the damp plants
and trees from the past.
The mist from those days
gently kissed my face again,
awakening my emotions
that have been gradually realized,
soothing my soul
that still longs for the past.

Nature possesses a rustic beauty
that’s raw, wise, imperfect
and yet vivid —
like a poem that cracks me.

The light coming through the cracks
is a reflection
of my long-forgotten consciousness
that is yet to be awakened.
Yet the poet
who illuminated numerous strands
of my emotions
when he was singing an elegy.
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