Hey there! 👋

What gets you up every morning? For me, it's solving complex design problems, crafting work until it's pixel-perfect, contributing to define and shape product strategy, and collaborating with cross-functional partners to drive impact for the world around us.

...and of course, a good podcast and matcha! 🍵

Solo traveling @Pai, Thailand
Strong system thinking and problem solving skills.
I'm a systems-thinker who loves to create simple and elegant solutions for complex products and considers every facet of the user journey. Coming from a business and analytical background, I connect the dots between various user groups and workflows and dig deep into people’s needs, motivations and behaviors. My strong process enables me to move fast towards the correct solution when solving complex problems.
Product ownership and initiative.
I take full ownership of my work. From defining problems, to working with engineers to polish the final product, to post-launch support, I take responsibility for every detail on every step of the way.

I believe design is a key thought-partner to product development. As a designer, I'm actively involved in defining the product strategy, vision, and identifying future opportunities.
A little bit about me.
After years of studying and working as a business analyst, I found my passion and took a risk on becoming a product designer. I taught myself UX though self initiated projects while I apply for grad schools. After Carnegie Mellon University, I worked at Microsoft, freelanced part-time to help startups bring their vision to life, and have loved every moment of my career since. Currently I'm continuing my design journey at Oracle.

Design is my way to connect with the world and solve human problems compassionately. I believe it is the deeply rooted humanness and care of others that makes design meaningful and beautiful.

Along the way when I'm not designing, I: 

✈️ Solo-backpacked almost 30 countries across Europe, Asia and NA since I was 19
✍️ Inspired by someone I met while travelling in Morocco, I started to write poems
📜 Write journals everyday
📷 Take candid street photos of humans and their lives